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Do you know what zone you live in?  

When you know your planting zone, you will know what types of plants will grow best in your area.  

All About Monarchs!

Learn all about the Monarchs life, their survival, and greatest migration of all time that occurs annually. 


See what projects the Sandown Garden Club have been working on and which ones are completed.  

Like the busy bee, the Sandown Garden Club never stops!

Garden Tips!

Sometimes we come across a garden tip worth sharing.  If you have a garden tip you would like to share, send us a note!!

Therapeutic Gardening

Ever want to know what therapeutic gardening was all about.  Read and learn how it can you and others to a better health and recovery. 

Air Filtering Plants

Did you know that plants can help clean the air you breathe?  Learn which chemicals are lingering in your home and which plants will help to reduce them.  Live healthier!